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Famous person Wars: The Clone Wars episode eight recap: Ahsoka discovers felony mastermind's identification – CNET


Ahsoka, Hint and Rafa are STILL in hassle.


We are as much as episode 8 of Famous person Wars: The Clone Wars‘ 7th and ultimate season, bringing the Ahsoka-centric arc to an finish. This episode, In combination Once more, landed on Disney Plus Friday, and reveals Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) and sisters Hint and Rafa Martez (Brigitte Kali and Elizabeth Rodriguez) scheming to flee the Pyke Syndicate on the earth Obadia.

If that sounds acquainted, this is because they escaped in the closing episode, however were given stuck and so this one begins in a reasonably repetitive approach. Ho-hum. Happily, issues escalate temporarily. SPOILERS incoming.


Fortune cookie

“You’ll alternate who you might be, however you can’t run from your self.” This can be a beautiful blatant connection with Ahsoka strolling clear of the Jedi, however she cannot get away the elemental decency and selflessness she discovered right through her coaching.

The Maulstermind

Pyke boss Marg Krim (Stephen Stanton) is made up our minds to get the spice Hint and Rafa had been intended to ship (and does not know Hint all of a sudden dumped it in hyperspace), so he permits them to pass to select it up. It is transparent that he is frightened of his unseen boss.


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When Ahsoka is left on my own on Obadia, she sneaks round and rigs the Pykes’ base to blow. She additionally overhears Krim chatting with his boss, who unsurprisingly seems to be Sith Lord-turned-crime boss Darth Maul (Sam Witwer). It is unclear if he is dropped the “Darth” name but, however it is not used right here.

He threatens to let Purple Daybreak, some other member of his Shadow Collective felony empire, take over the Pykes’ spice operation. You could understand that crew from Solo, which takes position round 9 years after this, and Purple Daybreak boss Dryden Vos was once in a similar way frightened of Maul’s wrath. 

It is transparent that Maul is the kind of supervisor who performs his workers towards every different, as a result of he is a jerk and a rascal. It is also cool that our first glimpse of him this season is as a hologram, similar to his advent in The Phantom Risk.

Getting that spice

Hint and Rafa attempt to trick their method into getting a contemporary cargo of spice from a Toong employee (the similar race as Phantom Risk podracer Ben Quadinaros). This can be a reasonably foolish subplot, however it is amusing that Rafa finally ends up combating a Trandoshan. So she mainly kills a horrifying lizard guy whilst Hint batters some Toongs with a pipe.


The Mandalorians are not too useful on this episode.


Passive Mandalorians

As Ahsoka escapes with Hint and Rafa in a relatively epic collection that makes use of a touch of John Williams’ TIE Fighter Assault, a trio of Mandalorians who have been lurking within the shadows practice them of their send. This second mirrors the visuals of the scene the place Boba Fett tails the Millennium Falcon in The Empire Moves Again.

They observe Ahsoka, Hint and Rafa to Coruscant, the place Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) enlists Ahsoka’s assist in taking again Mandalore from Maul.

I used to be certain the Mandalorians will be the ones to rescue Ahsoka when they noticed her within the earlier episode — it sort of feels peculiar that they would simply look forward to her to flee prior to recruiting her. They may be able to be a horny insular crew (much more so in The Mandalorian, which takes position years after this), however they are additionally a number of badasses and it appears like Bo-Katan would take a extra energetic function on this example.


Ahsoka cannot conceal from her Jedi previous.


The Jedi method

Ahsoka attempted to stay her identification as a Jedi a secret from Hint and Rafa, who expressed cynicism concerning the Order because of a Jedi’s function of their oldsters’ deaths, however it is printed right through their get away and the sisters settle for Ahsoka.

“You could no longer recall to mind your self as a Jedi, however you act like one,” says Rafa. “Or least, how I need them to be.”

She obviously feels that Ahsoka embodies the actual spirit of the Jedi, even supposing the Order has misplaced its method and been subtly corrupted because of its involvement within the Clone Wars (and the machinations of 1 gloriously evil house wizard).

Ahsoka may be anxious that becoming a member of Bo-Katan will carry her again to the Jedi. We’re going to learn how shut she will get in Siege of Mandalore, the season’s ultimate four-episode arc, which starts on Disney Plus on April 17.

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